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      The future development of plant extract industry has a long way to go

      [Editorial viewpoint of China Pharmaceutical network] there are many germs at the turn of autumn and winter. People are used to disinfect their homes to prevent the health of their families. However, if there are pets at home, they will inevitably carry various viruses, germs or infect the human body. At this time, they must be disinfected with disinfectant. In recent years, in the disinfectant Market, pure plant disinfectant is favored as a natural and safe plant extract product.

      Pure plant pet disinfectant is favored

      It is understood that most families now use traditional disinfection methods, that is, disinfection water. The disinfection process is not only tedious but also the disinfection duration is short. In a short time, it will cause the pet odor and the breeding and propagation of bacteria in the house. Moreover, the disinfection water has a pungent odor, which is not easy to dissipate even in a short period of time when the window is opened for ventilation, and is extremely harmful to human beings and pets.

      At present, the disinfectants circulating in the market are all chemical disinfectants. The biggest problem is that there are too many chemical components, which affect the respiratory tract and mucosa of people and pets and cause great damage. With the increasing emphasis on pet health and the in-depth research of researchers on plant extraction technology, pure plant disinfectant based on pure plant extraction was born, which can achieve efficient, safe and healthy sterilization of indoor environment, remove odor, and provide a safe and healthy environment for family and pets.

      According to experts, the pure plant disinfectant is produced by strictly controlling raw materials, using natural and pure plants with the same source of medicine and food, and extracting Chinese herbal medicines through advanced technology. It has the effect of being pure natural, safe, non-toxic and non irritating.

      The market prospect of plant extracts is promising

      With the improvement of people's requirements for healthy life, people are more and more optimistic about other pure natural plant extracts besides plant extracts.

      (Picture source of plant extract: Baidu pictures)

      According to the analysis report of China's pharmaceutical industry in 2015, since the reform and opening up, China's pharmaceutical industry has developed rapidly, even higher than the average development speed of major pharmaceutical countries in developed countries in the past 30 years. The most important feature of China's pharmaceutical industry in the future is that chemical drugs, natural drugs (traditional Chinese Medicine) and biological drugs are divided into three parts. The natural medicine (traditional Chinese Medicine) in China mainly has three forms: Chinese herbal medicine, plant extract and Chinese patent medicine. Among them, the proportion of plant extracts located in the middle reaches has increased significantly in recent years, and the market prospect is predictable.

      The author understands that the products of many domestic plant extract manufacturers will be exported to Asia, North America and Europe. In addition, with people's pursuit of the concept of natural and healthy life in recent years, and Tu youyou won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2015, China's traditional Chinese medicine market is vast.

      However, while seeing the development opportunities, we should also see the shortcomings of the current plant extract industry. It is understood that at present, the production and operation of plant extract manufacturers in China are scattered, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and the manufacturing process is not mature enough.

      The person in charge of a pharmaceutical enterprise said that compared with the domestic market, the threshold of foreign market access is getting higher and higher. Most EU enterprises refer to the European Pharmacopoeia, and their standard classification has been very detailed. According to the internal quality, they are divided into quantitative extract, standard extract and purified extract, and further normative discussions are still being carried out. Moreover, the requirements of customers in domestic and foreign markets are getting higher and higher, which also urges the plant extract industry to improve the product quality to meet the market development trend.

      There is a long way to go in the future

      Experts said that in the extraction process of plant extracts, advanced technologies (such as enzymatic extraction, ultrasonic extraction, supercritical extraction, microwave extraction, membrane separation technology, etc.) and quality detection technologies (meteorology, liquid phase, heavy metal residue, microbial detection) should be adopted. These devices fully reflect the requirements of the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and are also a breakthrough for the advancement of the plant extract industry.

      (Picture source of plant extract extraction equipment: Baidu pictures)

      In general, the plant extract industry is a technology dependent industry. Advanced extraction technology and equipment can not only greatly improve the quality of extract products, but also improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce waste of raw materials and reduce production costs. With the increasing number of competitors in the industry and the increasingly fierce competition, enterprises must choose the development strategy of constantly improving technology and developing new processes.

      Summary: whether for pet disinfectant or other products, the future development of the plant extract industry is "a long way to go". Pharmaceutical enterprises need to strengthen research and development, improve scientific and technological level, optimize production process, configure automation equipment, and process high-quality product materials, so as to develop more scientific, more reasonable and more effective products, meet different consumer needs, refine management, and achieve the best service. (source: China Pharmaceutical network)


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